Introducing Tygerberg Nature Reserve

In the heart of the Northern Suburbs lies the popular location of Tygerberg Nature Reserve. This reserve covers an incredible distance of 388 hectares and is home to over five hundred plant species, some threatened, while others are endemic to the region. Though, this area offers diversity through more than its plant species!

With various species of mammals, birds, reptiles, frogs and even butterflies, it is not hard to see why this reserve is so cherished. When visiting, guests are always taken aback by the stunning view from the top of the hill. The 360-degree view of the City gives a clear view of the combination of vegetation amongst the sprawls of urban areas.

Visitors can pop into the well-run Kristo Pienaar Environmental Education Centre at the reserve, equipped with a resource centre, library, and herbarium. This space is used to teach lessons to learners of all ages, from primary school to university! The topics taught here mainly include those revolving around ecology and biodiversity. Although it is not zoned for social functions, the hall at this location can be booked for conferences and meetings.

Visiting Tygerberg Nature Reserve

Thousands of years ago, the view enjoyed from the top of Tygerberg hill was quite different from what we see now. Before, open plains stretched far and wide to Table Mountain. Today, there is a clear cluster of urban life. However, one thing remains the same: how incredible the view is!

When visiting this location, be sure to stop and enjoy the picnic site on the walk up. This spot is equipped with picnic tables and is located ideally in a shady area provided by tall pine trees. This area also has wheelchair access down to a look-out point, making it easy for anyone to enjoy the beauty this location offers. Those visiting in the spring can enjoy an abundance of flowers as the immense floral species of this reserve begin their blooming season.

What to bring along with you

Depending on the intention of your visit to Tygerberg Nature Reserve, there are a few essentials you should consider packing in for the trip.

  • A picnic to enjoy at one of the stunningly placed tables in the designated picnic area.
  • Binoculars are a must-have item when visiting the reserve to catch a glimpse of all the bird species in the area.
  • Sun protection, such as hats and sunblock, should not be forgotten. No matter the route you follow up, the sun scorches down.
  • Pack in your camera to capture some of the stunning scenic shots this location has to share!

The reserve is perfect for the entire family, from youngsters to elders. With various trails up and around the reserve, there is something to suit everyone’s threshold. One path leads directly to the picnic area and is completely paved. This path resembles a steep driveway and is only a short distance to cover.

Visitors should remember that there is a small conservation fee to enter the space, and unfortunately, pets are not allowed to enter.


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