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MissFit Boxing studio strives to take the intimidation out of boxing in their modern space, specially designed for 21st-century women of all ages, shapes and fitness levels. Their studios are equipped to provide you with a stellar training experience in an aesthetic yet functional environment. The upbeat vibe of their space, and the enthusiasm of their team, will have you returning for more!

The founder of these studios, Christian Cleland, has years of experience managing successful high-intensity workout experiences. This allows for expert insight into implementing programmes that are guaranteed to help you tone, lose weight, increase strength and endurance and enjoy an overall healthier lifestyle.

More about MissFit Boxing Classes:

The standard MissFit Boxing programming is a 60-minute workout that combines boxing with popular and effective exercise elements, such as cardio, strength training and more. This creates a fun but functional workout for women of all ages to enjoy! This personalised training will help your body change positively and enjoy a constant challenge.

Each class is run by a certified MissFit trainer to guide you to maintain proper form and help motivate you throughout your session. No matter your fitness level, the trainers at these classes, will push you to new limits to help you reach your unique fitness goals.

If you are ready to get excited about working out in an environment curated especially for women, then MissFit Boxing is the place for you! They offer free first sessions to help you acclimatise to their programmes and decide whether you would enjoy making a more significant commitment to their space. The time to box and punch out your energy is now!

What MissFit Boxing can do for you

Relieve Stress

Explosive workouts, such as boxing, can help rid you of frustration. The team at MissFit Boxing can attest to punching bags being the best manner to relieve your stress!

Build Strength

By combining various exercises, such as boxing, functional fitness techniques, polymetric workouts and cardio, the MissFit team helps guide you through a workout that will ensure that your entire body is being worked to slowly increase your overall strength.

Increase Confidence

It is no secret that putting in the time to be healthier, such as through exercising, can help boost your mood and confidence. They guide you to become a stronger, more confident version of yourself.

Transform your body

The high-intensity workout offered by MissFit Boxing helps members push themselves to lose unwanted fat to transform into the healthy body of their dreams!

A sense of community

The MissFit Boxing studio allows you to access a fitness facility that embraces a community of strong women. This team strives to help you through your fitness journey to help you achieve your workout goals.


Our Address:

Unit 0/10 6, 8 High St, Rosenpark, Cape Town, 7530


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