Bellville Magistrate Court

Bellville Magistrate Court:

A magistrate court is a court of limited jurisdiction that hears criminal cases involving misdemeanours, lesser offences, and some civil cases. Magistrate courts also handle preliminary hearings in more serious criminal cases to determine whether there is enough evidence for the case to proceed to trial in a higher court. Bellville Magistrate Court is located conveniently in Bellville, Cape Town, and can assist in resolving various disputes.

You can visit their offices for assistance if you have a case that needs to be heard in Bellville Magistrate Court or any other magistrate court in Cape Town.

Services as a Small Claims Court

The Bellville Magistrate Court functions as a small claims court that allows for quick and easy resolutions that involve civil disputes for amounts up to R20 000. Individuals interested in claiming in this court do not require a lawyer for representation. They can also have the peace of mind that all the official languages can be accommodated in this space.

Should your claim exceed R20 000 in value, your claim will have to be lowered to pass through the small claims court. Anyone over the age of 18 is able to institute a claim through this court, except juristic persons. This includes companies, closed corporations and associations. Persons under the age of 18 have to be assisted by a parent or legal guardian.

Services as an Equality Court

Bellville Magistrate Court operates in its capacity as an equality court. When someone believes they have suffered discrimination, hate speech or harassment, they can bring their case to this court to resolve the issue. Anyone, whether directly involved or not, can take a matter to the Equality Court. This court’s goal is to assist vulnerable citizens in asserting their Equal rights. Legal representation in this court is not required, and no costs are incurred when lodging a complaint.

More services at Bellville Magistrates Court:

Child Justice Courts

Persons under the age of 18 who commit or are suspected of committing a crime are dealt with through this court. Children will not be dealt with under the ordinary criminal procedure used for adults but through the child justice procedure.

Maintenance Courts

The Magistrate’s Court can assist with maintenance issues relating to mothers or fathers not receiving the necessary support for their children. Attorneys are not required to make claims in this court.

Sexual Offences Courts

To aid in responding to issues revolving around sexual offences, this court was established nationwide to provide victims with the necessary care, support and respect. The programmes involved with this court help ease the process for victims wishing to lay a charge.

Children’s Courts

This court was established to ensure that all children are receiving proper care through a home, care and support for all daily needs. This court can also help ensure that a child is receiving their right to education.

Courts for Chiefs and Headmen

The Chiefs and Headmen court was established to deal with customary issues in relation to customary law. An authorised headman may make a decision using indigenous laws and customs.


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