M&A Timbers: Pine, Blackwood, Kiaat wood and more!

Finding the perfect piece of timber can take your woodworking project from good to out-of-this-world! At M&A Timbers, we understand the importance of finding the right timber and, as a result, strive to provide a range of high-quality options to help make your search and success easy.

As a leading retailer and manufacturer of rough and machined wood products, we have everything you might need for your indoor or outdoor project. Our expert team has years of industry experience in all things timber. Additionally, we specialise in manufacturing wooden skirting, flooring, mouldings and decking for residential and commercial environments.

More about our kiaat wood

While we stock a range of exotic timber options, there is something special about kiaat wood! This timber is closely related to the well-known Africa Padauk and shares its admirable characteristics of versatility and durability – making it a valuable solution for various projects. This timber is also renowned for its insect resistance, giving it an extra boost to help it last for years.

This wood can be used for carpentry, manufacturing lasting furniture, creating stunning parquet flooring and much more. The colour of this timber is typically a light golden brown and ranges to deep red and purple tints. The grain varies from interlocked to straight and wavy, giving it a dynamic texture many admire! Kiaat wood has great workability due to its ability to work well with machine and hand tools. It also holds fantastic gluing, turning and carving properties.

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We offer all kinds of timber

Exotic wood brings endless possibilities to your project. M&A Timbers is a reliable supplier in and around Cape Town. From luxurious timber options to refined machined pieces, our team is ready to serve all your needs. We go the extra mile with each and every client to ensure your result is stellar.

Our range of timber includes:

  • American Ash
  • American Oak
  • Blackwood
  • French Oak
  • Kiaat
  • Meranti
  • SA Pine
  • Saligna Gum

Finished to perfection

We offer professional planing and machining services for rough-sawn wood. Machined timber is processed by means of cutting, shaping, or drilling to refine the wood to your desired shape. This creates a more consistent size and shape, making it considerably easier to work with. Machined services are ideal for various woodworking projects as they help timber maintain better structural integrity and enhances the overall durability of this material.

If you require quality wood products, get in contact with the professionals at M&A Timbers.

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