The Ride is Wild with Makani Tours

If you love the outdoors, wind in your hair and the freedom of touring on a motorcycle, then Makani Tours and Harley-Davidson Rentals has just what you need! Perfectly named Makani – which is Hawaiian for ‘wind’ encapsulates the spirit of adventure with the exhilaration of bike touring outdoors. Exploring the Cape and surrounds on a Harley-Davidson is the ultimate way to satisfy any traveller’s wanderlust.

Makani Tours & Harley-Davidson Rentals Offer:

Guided Tours

Join an adventurous group of riders whilst being guided by an expert rider on a Harley-Davidson of your choice. Motorcycle accessories are available to rent to improve your touring experience. Engage in on-the-road banter with your fellow riders while exploring the valleys, passes and beautiful towns the Cape has to offer. A suitably experienced tour guide will accompany the group, providing awesome facts and showcasing intimate towns and mountain passes which make this tour popular.

Self-guided Tours

Create your own adventure and determine your pace and stops along various routes Makani suggest. Self-guided tours come with a Guide Book detailing routes, maps and information you may need on your tour. Perfect for solo riders wanting to connect to the open road.

Chauffeured Trips

Chauffeured trips are perfectly suited for riders without a motorcycle licence or are not confident enough to ride alone. Join the adventure from the pillion seat of an iconic Harley-Davidson.

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