Bellville Technical High School

Bellville Technical High School

Established in 1971, Bellville Technical High School has become a popular technical focus school. This school focuses on priming students to excel in science, technology, mathematics and engineering to prepare them for their future careers. They maintain their status as a leading technical school by maintaining the dedication, self-discipline and accountability of all staff and students.

Bellville Technical Highs School embodies innovation to consistently provide a streamlined curriculum that favours vocational advancement. The school is centrally located in Bellville and serves as a valuable location for young individuals in the area.

More about this Technical High School

The staff at Bellville Technical Highs School consists of qualified academic leaders who have obtained experience in this industry before their journey with this school. Their educations are passionate about teaching and strive to equip students with everything needed for an engaging and insightful learning experience.

This school’s staff to student ratio allows for specialised classes that enable attention to detail through every technical subject. School work focuses on rigorous routines that encourage learning and a high work ethic. The school favours a disciplinary system over a punishment one to focus on increasing academic performance.


All academic subjects at Bellville Technical High School are offered in conjunction with specialised subjects that improve students’ aptitude for science to prepare them for a technical career path. The offered science-based subjects enable and support technological trajectory through practical activity.

  • Life sciences: This subject introduces sub-disciplines to offer a broad overview of this scientific study.
  • Physical sciences: This subject investigates various phenomena through scientific inquiry to explain and predict events.
  • Technical sciences: This subject supports learners in three technological areas, including mechanical, electrical and civil.
  • Mathematics and technical mathematics: These subjects provide learners with all the skills necessary to succeed in various mathematical and scientific structures.
  • Electrical technology: This subject focuses on improving understanding of electronic principles, as well as mastering applications in this field.
  • Civil technology: This subject highlights the concepts and principles required for technological processes in construction environments.
  • Mechanical technology: This subject elaborates on the concepts and principles associated with technological processes in mechanical environments.
  • Engineering and graphics design: This subject teaches students international principles needed for various academic and technical engineering applications.

Sports and Culture

Bellville Technical High School aims to develop its students’ confidence through various sports and cultural activities. The media team, for example, involves activities like chess, poetry evenings, choir and arts and crafts to assist interdependence and expression.

Popular sports are offered according to season at this school. Students are encouraged to participate in various tournaments and local leagues managed by the school. The aim of sports involvement is to promote characteristics of tolerance, teamwork and commitment.

The school boasts excellent facilities to accommodate the various summer and winter sports offered. These sports include:

  • Athletics
  • Basket Ball
  • Cricket
  • Cross country
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Hockey
  • Rugby
  • Mixed martial arts
  • Netball
  • Tug-of-war


Our Address:

Strand &, College Rd, Labiance, Cape Town, 7530


-33.9101183, 18.6630699