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Since it was established, Simplex has led the way in time and attendance and access control systems. Through constant innovation and acceptance of newer, better technologies, we are now able to offer our clients the best systems and devices to better manage their staff movement, improve the accuracy of payroll data and much more.

As the oldest time and attendance company in South Africa, we understand the need for accurate attendance systems. We are confident in our ability to provide your business with solutions that are suited to your needs to promote growth and efficiency.

Our solutions

We specialise in various leading systems and devices to monitor employee time and attendance. Our solutions also improve workplace safety through access control, which can also be utilised to protect important equipment and software.

Our products include:

  • Desktop solutions
  • Web-based solutions
  • Mechanical clocks
  • Installation products

Our specialists can assist in helping you determine which of our systems will best suit your company’s needs, depending on your industry, company size and intended use. From standard mechanical clocking systems to more complex biometric devices that identify employees through physically unique traits, such as fingerprints, we have something for every space.

Our products and customised software help our clients formalise their work rules so that time-related rules are correctly implemented, and payroll calculations are rendered more accurately. For more information, feel free to reach out to the team at Simplex Time Recorders. Alternatively, visit our website.

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