Bellville Municipality

Bellville Municipality: Enjoy helpful service!

No matter the municipal service you are looking to have fulfilled, Bellville Municipality can assist! This office prides itself on offering the community friendly and helpful services to help meet their needs. They also strive to provide their services in a timely, efficient manner. All municipality offices in Cape Town are walk-in centres, including Bellville.

Services at Bellville Municipality

Account and Fine Payments

Individuals in the Bellville community can visit this municipal office to make account payments and enquiries regarding electricity and water bills. They are also able to pay traffic fines in person using their fine notice number and ID number.

Vehicle Registration and License Renewal

All vehicles are required to be registered and licensed by the City of Cape Town. To maintain compliance with this national legislation, vehicle owners are required to visit their local municipal office to ensure their vehicle is registered and to maintain their annual license renewal. Bellville Municipality can assist with both of these vehicle services.

Doing so is a quick and easy process. Documentation needed includes a completed application for renewal, Identification documentation, proof of address and the relevant fee.

Roadworthy Tests

An unroadworthy vehicle poses a danger to everyone on the road. To avoid this risk, the national government imposed legislation making it mandatory for all vehicles to undergo a roadworthiness test. A licensed mechanic conducts the test to provide complete quality assurance. If the vehicle passes, the municipality will issue a valid certificate. If it does not pass, the owner is required to make the necessary repairs and re-apply for the test.

Bellville Municipality conducts roadworthiness tests. Documentation required for this test includes the vehicle’s registration, the owner’s identification documents and the relevant fee.


Our Address:

Adam Tas St, Bellville, Cape Town, 7530


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