More about Caltex Tygervalley

Are you in search of a reliable service station with quality fuel? At Caltex Tygervalley, clients can expect prompt, professional and friendly service from our helpful and informed staff. Our service station is spacious and efficiently managed in order to ensure our clients always have a pleasant experience when refuelling their vehicle with us.

Since we are one of South Africa’s most popular service station brands, we are able to provide our clients with excellent service, time after time. We procure the fuel we use from Chevron South Africa, one of the leading international petroleum brands, which mean our clients can rest assured that they will always receive the best quality fuel for their vehicles from us.

Our products and services

We offer the following:

  • Techron Fuel Technology: Our unique fuel technology will help increase the lifespan of your vehicle’s engine by preventing the build-up of residue in the most critical parts of your engine. This will ensure your vehicle operates smoothly for years to come!
  • Lubricants: We have a variety of lubricants available for cars, SUV’s, trucks and motorcycles.
  • Service station convenience: At our service station, you will never have to leave your vehicle to pay your account, since our helpful staff are always ready and willing to assist.
  • Convenience store: Clients are welcome to shop for refreshments at our on-site convenience store.
  • Restrooms: We have clean restroom facilities for our clients to use.

For a top service station experience, feel free to pay us a visit!


Our Address:

36 Strand Rd, Thalmen, Cape Town, 7530


-33.9037623, 18.6460293