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Are you out of space and in need of storage room or office space? At XtraSpace Self Storage, we give our clients the opportunity store any items safely and securely. We cater to both the residential and commercial markets, which means we offer a wide variety of storage options. Our premises are 100% secure and is monitored by 27/7 CCTV and 24/7 armed response, while at the same time being surrounded by security beams and perimeter fences.

Our Bellville branch is managed by Kailey Deal, and under her strict supervision, our team is able to deliver services of unparalleled quality. Our clients are able to access the items they have stored during normal office hours (8am to 5pm), where they also have access to our friendly staff if they have any questions. If the need does arrive, we are also able to arrange after-hours access.

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    Our services

    Our storage solutions are comprehensive, and we will assist you in finding a solution that will fit your specific requirements. Our services include the following:

    • Business and personal storage
    • Office space with office facilities, as well as co-working spaces (perfect for expanding businesses in need of extra space)
    • SpaceBox (for the storage of smaller items)

    For your convenience, we have packing materials available on our premises.

    Give us a call, or visit our website for further details on the storage options we have available.

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