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At EWC Medi Wellness Centre, our clients can expect to receive quality beauty, slimming and skincare services that really work. We specialise in providing professional and scientifically advanced solutions when it comes to weight loss and skincare. Our business was established in 2005, and ever since them, we have been expanding and improving the services we offer.

Our team of professionally qualified and friendly therapists make use of the most advanced equipment available to provide our services, and in so doing, we are able to give our clients great results that last! Since we follow a holistic approach when it comes to weight reduction and skincare, we are able to effectively assist our clients in achieving their goals. In so doing, we can help them enjoy a happier and healthier lifestyle.

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Our services

All of our services target a specific area or areas, and our treatments are always comfortable and absolutely safe, providing real results that last.

We offer the following professional skincare and slimming treatments:

  • Body: Safyre Body Contouring, Fat Freeze, Patricia Clarke Body Wraps and cellulite reduction (Endermologie).
  • Skin: Collagen corrections, anti-ageing treatments and skin-tightening.
  • Health: Slender Wonder Medical Weight Loss and Detoxifying Ozone Steam Spa.

To find out more about our services, feel free to give us a call, or you can visit our website to read the full description for each treatment.

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