Eversdal Primary School

Eversdal Primary School

Eversdal Primary School has a proud history of creating a quality education for each student, balanced with academics, sport and culture. This school is driven by a strong value system that educators and learners alike are encouraged to embrace! Their vision is to provide transformative education and instruction to empower learners to become responsible adults committed to enhancing and protecting their environment.

Their mission

This school embraces the mission of delivering relevant education by offering school activities that favour understanding over mere knowledge. They believe that learning can occur anywhere, at any time, and they conduct their daily activities with this in mind. Their environment aims to create individuals who are lifelong learners with the constant awareness of learning as a key to the world we are in.

To further meet this, they develop learning techniques to match the latest innovations and aim to provide an understanding of informed social media use. In this, the school aims to strengthen responsible social media usage and digital literacy. Eversdal Primary Schools focuses on helping students reach high levels of engagement to further their creative and critical thinking skills. To do this, educators have reconstructed their teaching methods to focus on incorporating various learning styles and create a more individualised approach.

More about academics at Eversdal Primary School

Eversdal Primary School has developed a unique curriculum that utilises various open source material from the Department of Basic Education. This material forms the basis of our content and curriculum development and aligns with the prescribed CAPS guidelines. This content is provided to each learner through printed textbooks and e-formats.

In the spirit of embracing modern learning techniques and digital development, students at Eversdal Primary are taught with tablets to strengthen communication, expose them to various media and easily collaborate.

The curriculum is taught through Microsoft OneNote, which is accessible on any desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet. This platform helps ensure that each learner receives their learning material electronically and makes it easy for educators to build and add useful media to learning material.

This platform guides in-person learning as students are directed where to go through. This creates live media that is more engaging for students and easily caters to all learning styles. Each student’s learning environment is private, only accessible by the student and teacher. This makes it easy to monitor and provide additional support if necessary.

This opens the door to a whole new level of learning and teaching. By making notes, inserting relevant pieces of media and creating fun new content, students at Eversdal Primary School are equipped with everything they may need to develop a new, intellectual way of thinking, reasoning and problem-solving.


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