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Ecentric Payment Systems is your one stop, omnichannel payments solution partner. We offer payment solutions that are accurate, reliable and easy to manage. Our team helps by putting you in charge of your business’s payment processing with the correct technical expertise and infrastructure. Additionally, our systems help support your finances through leading reconciliation free from manual error.

As leaders in payment compliance and security, we offer payment processing that meets all your needs with absolute safety. Furthermore, as the first certified decryption provider in South Africa, our clients can rest assured that we are fully compliant with all the relevant regulations prescribed by the PCI DSS.

What makes Ecentric unique?

  • We provide switching across Africa
  • We have near 100% uptime
  • We utilise 4 data centres

How we can assist your business:

  • Payment switching enables communication across all channels for fast and reliable processing, suitable for in-store and online payments.
  • ReconAssist software facilitates reconciliation of all omnichannel transactions to reduce the ‘drift’ of finances on bank settlements.
  • Online payment services to aid all sized businesses in growing their customer reach with online shopping that can be configured to accept multiple payment options.
  • Money transfer services for retailers to easily incorporate value-added services. This helps grow business revenue, attract new customers and satisfy existing customer needs.
  • Our OmniHub platform allows merchants to easily gain access to a variety of value-added services through a single integration.

Our electronic payment systems are proficiently managed through active-active solutions. Our expertly maintained services allow for millions of transactions to occur simultaneously across various platforms, both online and in-store. This automated process makes reconciliation seamless and ensures correct account settlements.

If you are interested or would like to know more about our payment switching solutions, please feel free to contact our specialists.

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