About Africa Biomass Company

Africa Biomass Company is the most experienced biomass producer on the continent. Not only are we the leaders in biomass for energy generation, we specialise in wood recycling too. Our vineyard, orchard and windbreak clearing services are useful to the agricultural sector as the waste wood chips which are generated from site clearings is then used in our mulch spreading services. Nothing goes to waste. Our services include waste wood recycling including land clearing, fruit orchards and forestry floor waste.

Africa Biomass Company Service Offering

Our agricultural services extend to:

  • Orchard, vineyard and windbreak stripping and recycling
  • Mulch spreading in orchards and vineyards
  • River rehabilitation in riparian zones
  • Biomass producer for energy generation
  • Site clearing and preparation for orchards, vineyards or buildings
  • Wood chipper training – SETA certified
  • Manufacturing and servicing workshop
  • Field services


Africa Biomass Company

Our Wood Chipper Machines

  1. Bandit Wood Chippers: Engine hand-fed wood chippers; PTO hand-fed wood chippers; Horizontal grinders; Stump grinders; Whole tree chippers
  2. Dezzi Equipment: Articulated dump trucks; Articulated haulers; Backhoe loaders; Crane-mounted timber trucks; Three wheelers; Excavators; Front-end loaders; Motor graders; Rigid hauler tractors; Forestry skidders; Trailers

We remove old orchards, windbreaks and vineyards from the root to the tip. These trees, bushes etc. are then turned into wood chips which is usually unwanted wood waste. These valuable wood chips are then used as a mulch on its own or mixed in with compost. This mulch provides much need water retention, soil erosion and nutrient insulation for growing orchards or vineyards.

We invite you to visit our website for more information on our agricultural services, follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more! Reach out to our highly experienced team for assistance and advice on our services. We look forward to your call!

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